About DS

CEO Message

  • Creative and Innovative Value Management DS Networks

    A 21st century general asset development and finance company that maximizes
    the value of invisible assets through a scientific and methodological
    system to create customer value and fulfills its duty as a pathfinder that can present a new framework for the industry.
    DS's knowhow, accumulated over 30 years of experience, will provide an optimal customized system for different market environments depending on the situation.
    DS is a group of top experts who analyze business feasibility by developing optimal strategies, collect marketing strategies, and carry out the project rationally.

  • DS Networks is a topnotch general real
    estate development company based in Korea
    that brings affluence to the lives of clients by enhancing the beauty
    and efficiency of urban spaces.
    Since its establishment in 1981, it has been leading Korea's housing culture
    by continuously supplying domestic housing
    in the fields of real estate development and marketing.
    Furthermore, by establishing an asset management company in 2017,
    acquiring an investment and securities company in 2019,
    founding DS Construction and Engineering in 2020,
    and establishing DSN Investment that specializes in investments in 2021,
    DS Networks has laid the foundation to take another leap
    forward as a general real estate development group.

    DS Networks invests in difficult economic periods
    through value-oriented management
    and constant innovation preparing for unexpected events
    in the future while actively seeking out opportunities.
    DS Networks, which constantly creates infinite value based on innovative thinking,
    has the potential to become a world-leading company,
    pursuing the best efficiency that meets consumer needs,
    and the next real estate culture for the people.

    Based on our accumulated knowledge,
    we will improve the quality of our customers’ lives and
    fulfill our responsibility to contribute to our society.
    We promise to continue to devote ourselves to building an eco-friendly
    and consumer-centered residential culture with our challenge-oriented spirit.

    The future of DS Networks is the future of real estate development in Korea.
    We look forward to your support.

    Thank you.

    Chairman Jae Hwan, Chung