DSN Investment

DSN Investment Co., Ltd. is an investment
corporation established on January 11, 2021.

We intend to play a pacemaker’s role so that promising SMEs at home and abroad can take the lead on the domestic and global stage,
discover new business engines,and contribute to economic development by setting up an investment association to bridge capital and industry.
    • Company Name
      DSN Investment Co., Ltd.
    • Date of Establishment
      2021. 01. 11
    • Capital
      KRW 20,000,000,000
    • Registration
      Venture Capital Company
    • Address
      9F, 398, Seocho-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul
      (BNK Digital Tower, Seocho-dong)
    • CEO
      Park Joon-hyuk
    • Homepage

Investment-oriented company based on a stable yield structure for investors, high potential of the investment target to enhance corporate value, smooth communication with the market, and related organizations’ compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

  • Investor

    Designing stable deal structures with downside protection to minimize the possibility of loss of investment principal.

    At the same time, designing the structure to pursue upside potential according to the risk-aversiveness of investors.

  • Investee

    Selection and review of investment targets through in-depth analysis and valuation screening of investment targets and industries.

    Active follow-up management strategies such as the appointment of directors, network utilization, and business strategy establishment to enhance corporate value.

  • Market and Related Organization

    Investment execution and recovery decision making based on rational judgment of domestic and overseas macro and market environments.

    Full compliance with various laws and regulations of related organizations, eliminating sources of legal risk, and securing legal and ethical expertise.

  • Decision to
    Execute Investment

    Analysis and valuation of
    investment targets and relevant industries.

    Designing stable deal structures.

    Principal Investment
  • Follow-up Management
    of Investment Target

    Actively contributing to maximizing
    corporate value.

    Managing investment value through market environment monitoring.

    Participating in major decision-making processes by appointing directors.
    Supporting the establishment of management strategies and utilization of available networks.
  • Decision to
    Retrieve Investment

    Based on the schedule set up at the time of execution.

    Adjustment of  final exit point based on changes in expected returns.

    Accelerating the expansion of equity capital
    through the pursuit of high returns
    Maximizing investor return.

DSN Investment has extensive investment experience and professional management manpower with a wide network spanning various industries and financial sectors.
We can participate in various deal sourcing based on the funding power of the parent company, Korea’s top housing developer and its influence within the industry.

Utilizing available funding power and networks actively from deal sourcing to follow-up management.
  • PE Division Acquiring management rights and significant shares.
    Creating synergy with the parent company and utilizing industry
    networks to enhance corporate value.
  • Deal Sourcing Possessing deal sourcing
    capabilities based on
    experience and networks
    across industries and
    financial sectors such as
    construction / real estate /
    food / beverage / media /
    online platform / start-up.
  • Execution Designing an optimal deal structure that investors can
    trust and be satisfied with, and making
    and implementing rational.
    decisions phase by phase from funding
    to follow-up procedures.
  • Operation Sharing operational knowhow
    to significantly enhance
    corporate value and participating actively in
    follow-up management
    using owner and C-level
    networks in various industries.
  • VC Division Actively discovering potential unicorns that are expected to grow
    rapidly in the medium to long-term and mobilizing the parent company’s
    funding power for initial investments.
  • Deal Sourcing Possessing the ability to discover early stage
    companies with high growth
    potential and deal sourcing
    capabilities by utilizing a
    number of successful venture
    investment experiences and established networks.
  • Execution Making efficient decisions
    from investment review to
    transaction closure through
    a rapid decision-making
    process based on experience in venture
  • Operation Sharing industry experience
    and networks that will
    contribute to enhancing corporate value,
    and preparing
    follow-up investments or
    exit plans for each series,
    as well as prior to IPOs.